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Challenging PMP Practice Exam Questions based on the NEW Examination Content Outline


So, you’re determined to get your PMP certification? We love to help!

Our premise is simple: no fuss, representative, and challenging PMP exam questions (currently 540!) based on the new 2021 examination content outline with complete explanations.

Not convinced yet? Why should I select your practice exams?

Our Questions Are Specifically Developed For The 2021 PMP Exam!

Most existing course providers have just added some new questions and call their practice exams aligned with the new examination content outline. Don’t be fooled by that! The 2021 PMP Exam is completely different than the previous exam. Therefore, the majority of the practice exams that were offered before are not representative anymore. All our questions have been developed specifically for the 2021 examination content outline, so:

  • 50% Agile / Hybrid
  • Highly situational
  • New question types (matching, multi-select, and hotspot)!
Full Length Practice Exams With Correct Proportions Of Domains And Tasks

We pride to offer full length practice exams (3 x 180 questions) for which the questions are proportioned across the three domains (people, process, and business environment) and even more important across the tasks in the domains. From our experience most course providers proportion their questions across the domains, not the tasks in the domains! This means that you might miss out on your weak areas.

Our Practice Exams Are Affordable!

Getting your PMP is already expensive enough, therefore, we strive to keep our practice exams affordable and accessible for all aspirant PMP candidates. We offer 3 full length practice exams (540 questions in total) for the base price of $19.99. Currently we are using the Udemy Learning Platform, which occasionally offers our course for an even lower price!

Our Questions Are Challenging!

As the proverb says: “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. Our questions are challenging, some of them even more difficult than you would expect to see on the real PMP exam. So, when you pass our practice exams, rest assured you will pass the real PMP exam as well!

Detailed Explanation Of The Answers With Reference To Literature

This one speaks for itself.

That Sounds Great. But What About The PMBOK 7th Edition?

Yes, it is confusing that while the examination content outline fully changed the PMBOK 6th Edition is still applicable for the 2021 PMP Exam. When the PMBOK 7th Edition is released we will update our practice exams. However, because our questions were developed specifically for the 2021 examination content outline, we don’t expect too many changes!

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